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Over the past few years the traditional Mardave class has gradually evolved into a new class called GT12. The BRCA has helped to develop a set of national rules meaning that the mix of motors previously being used has been standardised across the country. There is also now a national series for these cars that runs alongside the well established 12th scale nationals. The cars run GT style bodyshells that are modelled on real cars and look fantastic on the track. 

Earlier this year Schumacher released a car which complies with the GT12 rules so there is now a choice as to which car you run. This alongside the recent developments in design brought in by Mardave has helped to make GT12 one of the most popular classes of onroad racing in the country at present. 

Both cars can be had for under £100 and don't require expensive electronics to be competitive. A complete setup from new can be had for around £300 or about the same as a modern games console, but why play when you can come and race for real.

At Lothian RCCC we are running closely to the BRCA GT12.1 rules meaning cars are powered by a 1s 3.7v lipo, 13.5t motor or 4cell NiMH 4.8v and G2 motors and weigh a minimum of 950 grams. The priority for racing at LRCCC is to have fun so we won't get too upset if you run an alternative bodyshell to the limited selection in the rules or a lipo battery that is not BRCA homologated.

If you're not sure then please come and ask.  

The new Schumacher Supastox car. 

The cars are capable of very high performance. Have a look at the video below of the A final at the final round of the CARS/AMC Summer Shootout, the performance of the cars may surprise you. 

CARS/AMC Shootout Rd 4 GT12 A Final